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Testimonial – Leah

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Mother, Wife, Business Owner

Diagnosed @ age 43 with Stage III Breast Cancer after feeling a lump during a self breast exam.

“I thought it mattered that I was being proactive with my breast health by having an annual mammogram since I was 35. It was known that I had dense breast tissue in 2013 and noted as ‘C’ density. Sometimes reports even noted it as ‘D’ density over the years. I never thought to ask what type of mammogram I was given. Didn’t realize that was my job. I thought it was my job to show up every year, and the doctors would do the rest. Boy was I wrong. As it turned out, I was given a basic mammogram in 2020 and 2021, not a 3D mammogram and certainly not an ultrasound, both of which should have been given no matter what! Sadly, not asking more questions turned into me now fighting for my life as a Stage III Breast Cancer girl. To think, if they had practiced Margie’s law, things would have been completely different for me. Use your voice no matter what! I thought I did, but it wasn’t enough.”